5 Tips That Help You With Roof rack installation

Do you fancy a long road trip but do not have enough on your car for bigger cargos? If you’re thinking of a side trip activity such as biking or fishing then it’s more likely that you’ll need more stuff than your car can accommodate. A car roof rack can be a good help for this stuff. Car roof track or some may call as Car carriers are designed to carry cargos on top or at the back of your car as you travel. Cargos such as oversize luggage, bikes or picnic boxes may become convenient to bring anywhere if you have a roof track on your car. Roof Rack vary in sizes and some features may not be available to some, depending on the roof racks manufacturer. As I continue, I will detail some helpful tips on how you can install your Roof rack cautiously. Yet before we begin, it would be best to consult your roof racks manufacturers’ instruction guide before installing your carrier. As mentioned, some features may differ by manufacturers. So here we are, How to Install a Roof Rack?

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1 Join rack together by attaching each joints to a two mounting strips and attaching rack bars to the joint from each end. Some rack have unique directions to follow and this can be read on your manufacturers guide.

2. Measure your rack on top of your car. By placing your rack on top of your car, you can get an accurate measurement to ensure that your rack is on the center top of your car.

3. Get a good angle and drill holes on top of your car but make sure to follow through the guide holes of your racks mounting plates. Your initial drill should be just enough to make an indentation, remove your rack and drill a fitting hole for your rack.

4 .Put your rack over the holes and screw your rack securely in the mounting screws using a screw driver. Ensure its tightness as this is significant to your cargos safety.

5. Apply the backing off no slip strips to the roof of your car. This no slip strips is usually found in a kit that’s included to your Roof rack as you buy it. Before applying, ensure that your car’s roof is clean and smooth to evenly place the no slip strips.

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Richard 08/28/17 09:09:27 AM

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Walter 08/30/17 12:36:41 PM

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John 09/06/17 03:07:59 PM

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