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Drive faster, tow stronger and get more power all-around with a cold air intake from RBP. These air intakes boost horsepower and torque for performance gains you can feel. And, they proudly feature the RBP logo right on the box.

RBP Cold Air Intakes are custom-crafted for perfect fit and use. The custom-designed filter box is made of cross-link polyethylene that insulates and protects your air filter. Sculpted air ducts let air flow free through larger diameters and smooth bends. And, high-performance silicon connectors improve flexibility, strength and overall thermal stability.

Marine-grade stainless steel clamps give you room to adjust your RBP cold air intake to your trucks specifications. And, an embossed polished aluminum lid not only features durable neoprene foam backingit pummels the competition with good looks. Whats more, your RBP cold air intake includes the PowerCore performance air filter to catch the crud.

The burly RX-2-Series Grille


Boost horsepower and torque for stronger performance
Custom-designed to fit your truck
Filter box features cross-link polyethylene to insulate and protect air filter
Sculptured air ducts feature larger diameters and unique bends for less air restriction
Embossed polished aluminum lid features high-grade neoprene foam backing
High-performance silicon connectors are flexible and strong to improve thermal stability
Marine-grade stainless steel clamps adjust for a perfect fit
ncludes RBP cutting-edge PowerCore air filter for both gas and diesel vehicle

RBP Filter Box
Cross-link polyethylene filter box is engineered to specific design. It insulates and protects the filter from pulling hot air from the engine compartment, thus, increasing horsepower.

RBP Air Duct
Cross-link polyethylene air ducts are sculptured to give the engine a less restrictive air pass to breathe. Larger diameters, unique bends and smooth transitions gives you maximum horsepower and awesome throttle response.

Polished Aluminum Lid
Polished Aluminum Lid is our newest upgrade . Embossed polished aluminum lid with high grade neoprene foam backing.

High Performance Silicon Connectors
High performance silicone hose connectors provides flexibility while maintaining strength and thermal stability.

Stainless Steel Clamps
Marine grade clamps allows optimal performance with large operating range and available for virtually any application

RBP PowerCore Filters

1. Meets and Exceeds All OEM Filtration Standards
2. Will Not Void The Factory Warranty
3. 100,000 Mile Free Replacement Warranty
5. Flows 35% More then Conventional Pleated Filters
6. Out Performs Cotton Gauze Filters By 10% With 99.99% Filtration Vs. 98.34% With The Competitions Cotton Filters.
7. Traps Less Then 1 Micron Of Dirt, Dust While Boosting Effciency And Improving Performance.
8. All Tested In ISO5011 Certified Test Facilities.
Pricing: $110.00
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