Who wouldn’t want to camp just anywhere whenever you desire? I guess this is an idea many avid campers dream to have. For travelers and campers enthusiast, an SUV Tent is one of the best option you can choose if you want it easy and handy. SUV Tent can be set up fast and easy instead of dragging your whole oversize mobile caravan. How to easily set up an SUV tent? This is what this article is all about. First and foremost, you must select a level camp site and clear way any debris. Before setting up your SUV tent, turn off the engine, apply the parking break and make sure the exhaust has fully cooled.


Step 1. Remove the tent from the tent bag and lay it flat on the ground with the vehicle sleeve facing the cargo area of the vehicle. The screen room must be on the driver’s side.

Step 2. Assemble the tent poles by unfolding each section. You will have 6 steel tent poles and 5 fiber glass tent poles. Along with two steel awning poles.

Step 3. Locate the four short fiber glass poles that are the same length and slide one pole diagonally, corner to corner, going through the pole sleeve in the roof of the tent. Place one end into the center hub. And the other end into the start end into the center joint. Repeat for the other three poles.

Step 4. Take a steel pole and insert one end into the joint. And the other end into the pin, located into the bottom corner of the tent. Repeat for the remaining three steel poles.

Step 5. Once the tent is standing, attach the plastic clips to the tent poles attaching to your vehicle.

Step 6. From inside the tent, unzip the door unmask that faces the vehicle to access the cargo area. Move the tent towards the cargo area of the vehicle. Slip the sleeve under the bumper and over the roof. Hook the bottom strap on either side of the vehicle to any part of the rear wheel and tighten the strap. Tighten the sleeve strap located on the driver side of the tent. Ensure the exhaust pipe is outside of the sleeve. Attaching the vehicle roof strap.

Step 7. If you do not have a roof rack, locate the two long straps found in the accessory bags and in touch to the clip located to the top of the vehicle sleeve. Extend the long strap to the front of the vehicle. Attach each end of the strap to the hood frame and tightened the straps. If you have a roof rack, attach the two short straps around the roof rack, repeat on the opposite side.

Step 8. From inside the tent, attach the center hook to a tail gate latch. For the two outer hooks, attach them to the two cargo bag hook or to the tail gate latch. Setting up the screen room.

Step 9. Slide the long fiber glass pole through the sleeve located at the top of the screen room. Insert one end into the start side of the pole joint, attach the top corner of the screen room. Repeat on the other side. Insert the steel pole into the pole joint located at the top of the screen room. Insert the opposite end into the pin located on the corner of the tent where the tent pole is located. Repeat on the opposite side of the screen room.

Step 10. Stape the screen room and tent to the ground through the corner pins and webbing loops. Setting up the rain fly and awning.

Step 11. Locate the side of the rain fly that says vehicle side. This ends goes towards the vehicle. Drape the rain fly over the tent. Hook the rain fly to the bottom rings on the tent. Hook the veil coat tab around the pole. Stake the rainfly guide ropes to allow hyperventilation.

Step 12. Assembling the Awning. Place the pointed end of the pole through the grummet hole at the corner of the awning. Insert the ring on the guide rope around the point and stake the other end of the guide rope to the ground. Adjust the length of the guide rope.

Step 13. To install the gear lock, place each corner hook of the gear lock into the loop located on the ceiling of the tent. Enjoy your new sports SUV tent for many years to come!


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